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AGA-JUS Operation Table

The AGA-JUS (Article No. JUS-2000) is a mobile multi-purpose operation table for universal use in hospitals (general surgery, specialized fields) and the out-patient departments.

The AGA-JUS offers optimal and safe patient positioning with its radiolucent universal tabletop in five sections. Stainless steel standard rails are mounted laterally on both sides on the seat-, back- and leg plate(s).

The AGA-JUS operation table is equipped with straight, divided, vertically and laterally adjustable leg sections, which are also removable.

  • Leg sections vertical adjustment +20°/-90°
  • Leg sections lateral adjustment 0°/90°

The lateral adjustment is also done using a smooth crank mechanism, from underneath the seat section.

  • Lateral tilt adjustment range 20° (to both sides)

The continuous backrest and Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg adjustment is done with a gas pressure spring underneath the head section.

  • Backrest adjustment range +75°/-45°
  • Trendelenburg 30°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg 30°

The headrest can be shifted laterally or removed completely as needed.

  • Headrest adjustment range +/-45°.
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